Sunday, August 20, 2006

Newspaper only online

A comment from Mari Winn on Friday reminded me that at least one newspaper in southwest Missouri is only available on the Internet.

Mari wrote, "The Joplin Independent was the first Internet-only interactive news source in the Southwest Missouri area. Now in its fifth year of posting, it attracts commentary from citizen journalists from all over the world. The initial intent was to bring the world to Joplin; in exchange it has brought Joplin to the world."

This same websites offers many ways to interact, provide comment or even be your own journalist.

Another example in that same part of the region is the online edition of the Seneca News-Dispatch. This is a more traditional online newspaper which serves more as a supplement to the weekly paper-printed edition.

What do you think? Do online editions add to or take away from a newspaper's standing in the community?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is a nice addition for newspapers in this region. I didn't know about the Joplin Independent. That is differently. Generally, I think weekly newspapers being on the web is a money loser except for the fact that everyone (include readers) seems to think it is necessary. So, not having a presence is probably worse than the money that is wasted on having one. Seems like someone in MPA wrote about this recently.

3:23 PM, August 21, 2006  

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