Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to a Newspaper

If you're looking for an effective sales piece to enclose with sample copies, or almost any subscription promotion, here's an effective sales tool from the Blair (NE) Enterprise titled “TOP 10 REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE TODAY!” It can be adapted for any newspaper.

10. We're really a lot of fun. It's not all hard facts and numbers. We'll give you weekly listings of what's happening in the area on our "To Do" page. You'll find weekly features on interesting people, recipes, "How To's", plenty of special columns, letters to the editor and much more.

9. Our focus is your community. No other publication in the world cares about your community as much as we do. No other publication is strictly focused on Washington County. That's our mission, and nobody does it better.

8. A free Enterprise mug or stadium cushion. If you take advantage of this free trial offer, then subscribe when we invoice you at the end of your trial subscription. Just pick up your free gift at the Enterprise office, 138 N. 16th in Blair, NE.

7. It's a really great deal. It costs you less than 30 cents an issue-and it's delivered to your door, twice each week. That's less than half price if you buy it at the newsstand. You'll be saving $42 a year off the cover price.

6. It's full of 'Classified' information. Classified advertising that is. Subscribers will get our Classified pages twice each week. You'll be informed about all those great deals, like garage sales, cars and trucks for sale, pets and much more.

5. Save money. You'll receive all the advertising, circulars and special sections that are brimming with moneysaving specials. You'll probably be able to save enough your first week of shopping to pay for your entire year's subscription.

4. Save time. We're your one-stop information source. We gather all the news and information from Washington County and pack it into two editions each week. It's always there to refer back to. You can scan our pages in a few minutes twice each week, and know what's been happening around your community.

3. Get to know your neighbors. Some months we have in excess of 1,000 faces in photos of the people of Washington County. You're bound to know someone who has their picture in the paper this week.

2. Be informed about your community. It's our job to find out the details. Whether it's covering the school board, city council, county board or any other important meeting, we're there, and we'll get you the facts.

1. FREE TRIAL OFFER. Here's your chance to give us a try, at absolutely no risk to you. It's easy. Just fill out the attached postcard, and drop it in the mail. The postage is already paid. Then enjoy your local newspapers!

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Mark Rhoades, publisher of the Enterprise.


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