Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blake Mixon, Parkview High School, Springfield, Mo., “The Importance of Free News Media”

Given access to a range of sources for the viewing of world happenings, it is the individual who is provided with opportunity to seek the news from a multitude of perspectives.

Although it is true that many allow all that is read to them from a smiling face on a teleprompter to be understood as truth, the variety within options to obtain world events is far more than surface local news stations, and even respected national affiliates.

The importance of free news media is that there is a free news media.

One must realize that what is relayed unto them may not be exactly what is happening, the word of your friendly local anchor that flows beaming with certainty is only as certain as the person who typed his or her script.

To sound cynical is most certainly not the point to be created, but to view free news media one cannot rely on a certain station if it is in fact necessary to perceive the issues from many view points, not just that smiling face on the television. The realization that news does not merely come from the country one resides is an epiphany of sorts; other nationalities, other countries, other people may not view world events the same as someone such as anyone else.

The ability to be informed by such a plethora of stations and perspectives is a gift, but what is this gift lacking its own utilization? The importance is in relation to the beholder in relation to this free media, but then again, this news media is free, no one is forced to believe these researched objective opinions.

The greatness of this media is equal to the greatness of knowledge obtained, but what is this obtained knowledge lacking self-questioning, self-investigation? This gift of perspectives is only so once it has been applied.

This gift of free speech and research, of knowledge to be obtained, of possibilities of opinions. Being open to interpretation is the greatness of this information, this free news media.


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