Monday, August 13, 2012

4-H’ers in Greene County Recount Ways Program Has Impacted and Improved Their Young Lives

Jessica Rash says 4-H opened a whole new world of opportunities for her to learn and grow. But this Clever, Mo. resident might not have been in the Jot ‘Em Down 4-H Club if her mother had not also been in 4-H as a youngster.

“I joined 4-H because my mom was in 4-H when she was younger. She signed up my sister and when my sister joined, it seemed really fun so I decided to join too,” said Rash.

According to Rash, she has learned teamwork in 4-H and she has learned to make friends by attending special events like 4-H camp and Teen Congress. Her favorite activity has been the 4-H Photocorps and that experience has helped her decide to use photography in her future career.

“Just all of the opportunities have been great,” said Rash. “This year I was chosen to represent Missouri 4-H at the National 4-H conference. This year I have also been chosen to go to National 4-H Congress to represent Missouri 4-H. I am one of twenty.”


Cara Driskell is a member of the Sac River Stablemates 4-H Club in Willard. In just her second year she is already showing horses, learning about geology and conservation.

“In my conservation project I did a notebook about plants and animals. I learned about a lot of new animals and plants. I had so much fun this year and I know I’m going to have more fun this year,” said Driskell.

Ella O’Connor is a member of the same 4-H club. Her mother started the club when Ella was just nine months old.

“I have been having fun in 4-H since before I was one,” said Ella. “I’ve learned more than just horsemanship. Being in 4-H has helped me learn about different animals and my environment. I think that everyone should be in 4-H because you can learn anything you want in 4-H.”


Mattie Cobban of Fair Grove joined the Sac River Stablemates 4-H Club hoping to improve her animal skills. But she soon discovered that she would have to give demonstrations and public speeches too.

“Through this experience I developed better talking skills and self confidence. I feel comfortable speaking to people now,” said Mattie.

Jessica Cobban of Fair Grove joined her sister in the Sac River Stablemates 4-H Club to work with horses and dogs.

“I was too young for FFA so my mom found out about 4-H and I was hooked from the first meeting. … My club was very welcoming and in the seven years I have been in 4-H I have learned many things,” said Jessica.

Jessica says 4-H has helped her develop friendships with students her age but it has also helped her learn to get along well with adults.

“I respect their authority not just they are older than me but because they are respectful to me and deserve my respect. If 4-H has taught me anything it is the ability respect and be polite to all people,” said Jessica.


Kiana Kerschner of Republic joined the Horsin Around 4H Club to learn more about animals but she has also learned valuable lessons about her community and plants.

“My 4-H experience has helped make me a better person. I’ve learned how to help people with everyday problems and it’s helped me be able to be more confident in myself,” said Kiana.

Blake Wright of Clever is a member of the Lucky Eleven 4H Club and he does projects in dairy and wood working. He says the dairy cow camp at Robthom Farm in Springfield has been a highlight of his learning experience.

“Being a 4-Her has changed my life significantly. You have to be dedicated to do what you say you are going to do,” said Wright.

For information on 4-H contact any of these 4-H youth development specialists in southwest Missouri: Velynda Cameron in Greene County at (417) 881-8909; Bob McNary in Jasper County at (417) 358-2158; Karla Deaver in Lawrence County at (417) 466-3102; or Jeremy Elliott-Engel in Newton County at (417) 455-9500.



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