Friday, November 30, 2012

Bartoski to Retire after 28 Years with Cedar County Extension; Reception Planned for Dec. 19 in Stockton

“Mrs. B, I don’t think I like grapes,” said a first grade student when Linda Bartoski presented a taste test to a classroom of students.

The student was very timid about tasting the new food however Linda was able to convince the student to just try the grapes.

“Guess what,” he said, “I like these grapes!” and he finished the entire sample!

Convincing students to try new foods is just one of the many of things Linda Bartoski has taught students in Cedar County classrooms over the past 12 years. Prior to working as a nutrition educator, she worked with the 4-H program in Cedar County for 16 years.

Bartoski started in Cedar County as a 4-H program assistant in March of 1984. She started her position as a nutrition educator in October of 2000.

“Many of the parents of our current 4-Hers remember Linda helping them when they were in 4-H,” said Dona Goede, county program director for Cedar County Extension. “Now she is teaching healthy habits to their kids in their classrooms.”

As an educator with the Family Nutrition Education Programs (FNEP), Bartkoski brought the latest nutrition information to low-income Cedar County residents. This program is an important part of MU Extension.

Bartkoski worked with clients individually, in groups, in schools, at agencies and at one time, even in individual’s homes. As a result of her work, clients gained skills that paved the way for nutritional well-being and health.

A second grade teacher reported that students recently reported on their favorite foods for a math graphing assignment.

"Once they started thinking about the foods, they quickly started discussing what food groups they came from and then what things the foods do to help keep the body healthy. I was very impressed with what they had learned during nutrition class,” wrote the teacher.

A retirement reception will be held for Bartkoski at the Cedar County MU Extension office on December 19 from 1-3 p.m. For more information, contact the Cedar County Extension office at (417) 276-3313.


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