Friday, January 18, 2013

Private Pesticide Applicator Training in Anderson and Neosho Feb. 7

Private pesticide applicator training will be offered at 6 p.m., Feb. 7, in the Anderson New Mac Community room. It will also be offered in Neosho at the Newton County Extension Center on the Crowder College Campus Feb. 7 at 1 p.m.

A $14 fee will be required and participants will receive a Pesticide Manual.

Missouri law requires all purchasers and users of restricted-use pesticides to attend a training session to be certified for a private applicators license. This training is also open to producers of agricultural commodities who have not been certified or have let their license expire.

At the current time, commercial applicators are re-licensed on a three-year cycle and private applicators recertify on a five-year cycle. New applicators need up-to-date training and training materials prior to becoming certified and licensed.

This training program will allow individuals to recertify or receive initial training to be licensed to purchase or use restricted-use pesticides. Pest identification, application methods and other pertinent information to use pesticides safely will be covered in this training program.

John Hobbs, agriculture and rural development specialist, University of Missouri Extension says pesticide applicators should be looking at their licenses for the expiration date to see if they need to re-certify or attend a training session if it has expired.

If an applicator has moved in the last five years or has a new address, there is a possibility the reminder cards from the state to re-certify did not make it to them.

Any person needing to renew their private pesticide applicators license, or retake the course because their license has expired, should contact the nearest county extension office and make an appointment at 223-4775 or 455-9500.

“If you need your license immediately Extension staff can contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture after you complete the course and get your number,” said Hobbs.

Since the inception of the pesticide training program, some 6,000 commercial and 40,000 private pesticide applicators have received at least initial training. In addition to initial training, these applicators must be recertified by training programs conducted by University of Missouri Extension as mandated by the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Pesticide Control.


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