Friday, February 08, 2013

Profile of Ashley DeVore: Reaching Dade County with Nutrition Education

This profile of a nutrition educator with University of Missouri Extension's Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) is part of an on-going series designed to educate the public about the wide range of program expertise that exists through extension in southwest Missouri.

Name: Ashley DeVore, nutrition program assistant

Contact: At the Dade County University Extension Center in Greenfield, Mo., at (417) 672-2112 or by e-mail at:

Education: Graduate of Missouri State University, family and consumer sciences education degree

Relevant past employment: Worked as a long term substitute teacher and did student teaching in family and consumer sciences classrooms during 2012. “I have worked as a general substitute teacher for about the past three years during and after college,” said Ashley DeVore, nutrition program assistant.

Responsibilities: Taught middle school and high school classes including health, foods and nutrition, child development, family relations, housing and personal finance.

What attracted you to working with MU Extension? “Many things attracted me to working with MU Extension. As a whole it seems like a wonderful opportunity that offers a lot of great benefits. As far as the Family Nutrition Education Program, I love that I will get the chance to still be in classrooms working with students and the community,” said DeVore.

What do you hope to accomplish by teaching nutrition education? “By teaching nutrition education I hope to have an impact on the thought processes of both children and adults when they are making nutrition decisions. I hope that I can give my audiences the resources and information they need to make healthier and more informed decisions when making meal and activity decisions for them as well as their families,” said DeVore.

Why do you think it is important to teach nutrition in school? “I believe that it is important to teach nutrition in schools because it is vital to teach young children the basics of good health and nutrition so that as they grow they are able to make the best decisions possible. It is far easier to instill good habits from the beginning than try to change bad habits after practicing them absent-mindedly for years,” said DeVore.


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