Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Try Stamps.com and Help the Greene County Extension Center

Just trying a new way to send office postage can earn the Greene County Extension Council $20.

As of April 16, 2013, 11 individuals and businesses had already signed up for the program at http://www.stamps.com/tellafriend/landing/?source=si10190196 and used this code to benefit Greene County Extension: C-BNR8-W7G.

But the benefit would not be possible if a key piece of office equipment had not broken and caused David Burton, county program director for Greene County Extension, to search for a cheaper solution online.

"Our postage meter at the Greene County Extension Center stopped working. We called for a repair which was going to cost us $200 for a service call and $200 for what they thought was the right part to fix the postage meter," said Burton.

With recent budget cuts, the office is watching money closely. Burton had already done some preliminary research on mailing options since the rental contract for the postage meter would be ending in November.

"Stamps.com is easy to use, less expensive than an office postage meter ($16 a month), and in many ways easier to use," said Burton. "One of the features we really like is the ability to add postage to our online account with a credit card instead of writing and physically sending a check."
Some supplies, like "net stamps" do need to be purchased but it is also possible to print postage directly to envelopes. Postage for most packages can be printed on store-purchased mailing labless.

Any business or individual that decides to try stamps.com and signs up under the “sign a friend” campaign will receive an additional $20 in free postage and earn the Greene County Extension Center an additional $20 also.

Sign up can be accomplished at http://www.stamps.com/tellafriend/landing/?source=si10190196
 Be sure to use this code to benefit Greene County Extension office: Tell-A-Friend Promo Code is C-BNR8-W7G  

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