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Greene County Extension Hopes to Get Financial Boost from Donated Old Vehicles, Farm Equipment

Contact: David Burton, civic communication specialist
Tel: (417) 881-8909

Company contact: Barry Barbee, ph. 877-845-7378, email:

Program Offers Residents an Opportunity to Rid Farm or Yard of Junk at No Cost

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Greene County Extension Council is hoping to generate money for educational programs and office operations thanks to a partnership with a national vehicle buying company.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, boats, boat motors and farm equipment -- in any condition -- can be donated to the Greene County Extension Council with a phone call to 877-845-7378 or by requesting a quote online at will pick up the vehicle within 24 hours and send a check to the Greene County Extension Council. The donated vehicles can come from any place in Missouri or the United States.

“This is a perfect way to contribute to Extension and help us maintain our programs and office operations that mean so much to the residents of Greene County and the surrounding areas,” said David Burton, county program director for Greene County Extension. “Best of all, we think this is a valuable service and a great way to clean up a yard or farm. For no cost, you can get rid of a heap of junk from anywhere in Missouri or the United States and Greene County Extension gets money to keep operating.”

Funds remain tight at the Extension office after Greene County Commissioners cut the county contribution to the extension council by 90 percent in 2011.

“We understand the Commissioners have a difficult budget situation and that the budget is tight. We do hope that gets turned around in 2014 and the partnership between Extension and Greene County gets restored. However, it does take money to provide the services we offer to residents. Thanks to the vehicle donation program, most anyone can help support the Greene County Extension office,” said Burton.

Since 1914, residents of Greene County, Missouri (and adjoining counties) have sought help from MU Extension in areas related to agriculture, gardening, Master Gardeners, 4-H youth, nutrition, cooking, families, Master Naturalists and business and community development. During 2012 over 25,000 residents of Greene County received unbiased and research-based information, assistance or education through the Greene County Extension Center.

“Thousands of children have come through the 4-H programs we have offered in this county and they are better adults as a result of the experience. Farmers and gardeners use our services year round. The impact extension has on Greene County and the area is just massive,” said Burton. “Donating your old car to us through will help these services continue.”

AutoWranglers president Barry Barbee said he is excited about the opportunity to help Greene County Extension.

“I grew up in Georgia and saw the impact 4-H had in my home town. It really makes a difference in the lives of kids,” Barbee said. “While I don’t farm, many of my friends are farmers and I know how they rely on our local extension office. If that office were to close down or the budget be sharply cut, then the whole county would suffer.”

AutoWranglers buys pretty much anything that has or had wheels, according to Barbee.

“It doesn’t even need a motor or wheels for that matter. If you have an old turning plow that’s broken and rusting, we’ll buy that,” Barbee said. “We’ll buy junked tractors, combines, trucks, ATVs. If you don’t want it, donate it to the Greene County Extension office through AutoWranglers.”

To donate a used car or other equipment to the Greene County Extension Council, visit, email Barbee at or call 877-845-7378.

Once a purchase price is agreed on, someone from AutoWranglers will be there within 24 hours to remove the old heap and a check will be on the way to the Greene County Extension Office.

In addition to supporting the Greene County Extension service, AutoWranglers donates $10 to the national Arbor Day Foundation for every vehicle purchased.

“We’re big supporters of planting trees,” said Burton. “So when you donate your old clunker to us, you are helping Greene County’s Extension office and planting more trees.”

For more information visit or

To learn more about the “Friends of Greene County Extension,” a campaign to raise operational funds for the Greene County Extension, call (417) 881-8909 or go online to The Friends campaign was established in 2012 in effort to privately raise monies to keep the Greene County Extension office open to the public.

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