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Show-Me Select Bred Heifer Sale May 17 Saw Falling Prices

Contact: Eldon Cole, livestock specialist
Tel: (417) 466-3102

MT. VERNON, Mo. -- The Show-Me-Select (SMS) Bred Heifer Sale on May 17 was anything but a runaway according to Eldon Cole, livestock specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

“After the sale, which averaged $1,524 on 283 heifers that sold, everyone was asking why they didn’t bring more?” said Cole. “A couple of months ago folks – including me -- were optimistic about the sale. Feeder cattle were selling well and based on the 11-year average ratio of the number of 550 lb., Medium-Large frame, 1 Muscle steers it takes to buy a bred SMS heifer on average the heifers should be close to $1850.”

Obviously, after the sale and the feeder price compared to the bred SMS heifer price was run, instead of a 2:1 ratio it figured to be 1.8:1. On top of that, the feeder market has not had the normal price rally.

“Right after the sale I asked several folks why there was not more interest and enthusiasm. Most offered a reply,” said Cole. “Some thought the weather impacted the sale, or feed prices, gas prices or even McDonald’s dropping the Angus burger. There are lots of opinions and some have merit while some have less validity.”

Cole says the bottom line is, this was a buyer’s sale and those $1,400 to $1,500 or less heifers will have someone smiling all the way to the bank in the next few years.

The top price of the evening was $2,100 paid by Scott Casey, Eldorado Springs, a repeat buyer. The seller was John Wheeler, Marionville. The 5-head set was Angus-Hereford F1’s. They were AI bred to Hoover Dam, an Angus. Overall the AI bred heifers brought $150 per head more than the ones bred naturally. Wheeler’s 54-head consignment averaged $1,667.

The high consignor average went to Jerry Carnes – Jireh Acres, Diamond. He sold 3 head for $1,900. That lot was also purchased by a repeat buyer, Roger Smithson, Bruner.

The second high consignment came from Jera and Jace Pipkin, Republic a pair of juniors who sold 17 heifers for an average of $1,721. They were a mix of straight Angus and Angus-Hereford cross. They were all AI bred to Connealy Right Answer 746.

Longtime consignor, Quinton Bauer of Verona sold 63 head for an average of $1608. The volume buyer for the sale was Charlie Neidert, Neosho. He purchased 27 head.

For more information, contact any of the MU Extension livestock specialists in southwest Missouri: Eldon Cole in Mt. Vernon, (417) 466-3102, Andy McCorkill in Dallas County at (417) 345-7551 or Logan Wallace in Howell County at (417) 256-2391.

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