Thursday, June 13, 2013

“Steer Feedout Finale” June 27 in Mt. Vernon Should be Educational for Cattle Producers, Feedout Participants

Contact: Eldon Cole, livestock specialist
Tel: (417) 466-3102

MT. VERNON, Mo. -- The results of the 2012-13 Missouri Steer Feedout Finale will be given publicly at 7 p.m. on June 27 at the University of Missouri Extension Center in the courthouse, Mt. Vernon. The presentation will explain how the different cattle performed during the feedout.

There were 147 head of steers from Missouri in the program. They were fed at Bentley’s East Feedyard, Macedonia, IA as part of the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF).

“The TCSCF has been in existence 30 years and they feed cattle from the Midwest and southeastern parts of the United States,” said Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension. “They’ve incorporated a lot of field research with the cattle and the past few years they’ve been comparing the USDA frame and muscle scores put on by the graders from various parts of the country with the actual data obtained at slaughter.”

Darrell Busby, manager of TCSCF and former Iowa State Extension livestock specialist will be at the finale on June 27 to review the study and discuss the Missouri Feedout cattle.

The feedout provides an opportunity for cow-calf producers to see how their calves perform in the feedlot and in the carcass. Data collected and shared with participants include: rate of gain, disposition scores, feed conversion, carcass weight, dressing percent, fat cover, ribeye area, yield grade, quality grade, premiums, discounts, health treatments, feed costs and retail value per days on feed and days of age.

Cole says producers will receive sufficient data to make intelligent decisions regarding breed and sire selections as well as possibly cow culling decisions.

“Even if you did not send steers to Iowa, attendance at the finale presentation on June 27 should be educational. Cow-calf raisers need to stay in close touch with what’s happening at the next steps in their feeders calf’s life, the feedlot and the packing plant,” said Cole.

For more details about the event, contact Eldon Cole at the University of Missouri Extension in Mt. Vernon, 417-466-3102.

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