Thursday, February 27, 2014

File a Free Federal and State Return if Your Income in 2013 was $58,000 or Less

Contact: Nellie Lamers, family financial education specialist
Headquartered in Taney County
Tel: (417) 546-4431

FORSYTH, Mo. -- University of Missouri Extension's MoTax Education Initiative includes a link to do and file federal and state income taxes online for free.

“The link is available on the University of Missouri Extension Taney County website ( but you don’t have to live in Taney County to use this link,” said Nellie Lamers, a family financial education specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

On this same website, there are also links to other valuable tax information.
Civil Rights Notification: learn how your rights are protected.
Electronic filing PIN request: to e-file your 2013 tax return or other electronic forms, you must verify your identity with your Self-Select PIN or Adjusted Gross Income from your 2012 tax return.
Interactive tax assistant.
FAFSA application page (optional link some may need).
Where’s My Refund.
More ways to get help if you have questions.

In order to file online there are some things a person needs according to Lamers.
Form W-2 for every job you or your spouse worked in 2013.
If you want your refund directly deposited- your checking or savings account number and the bank routing number.
Your 2012 tax return (optional).

In 2013, did you…
Receive unemployment compensation? Your Form 1099G.
Pay for child care? The total you paid for child care expenses and the name, address, and Tax ID/Social Security Number of the child care provider.
Pay student loan interest? The total of the student loan interest you paid.
Pay for tuition? Form 1098 for you, your spouse, and/or dependent children.
Receive retirement income? Your 1099R.

University of Missouri Extension programs focus on the high-priority needs of Missourians. Each county extension center, with oversight by locally elected and appointed citizens, is your local link to practical education on almost anything.


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