Friday, March 21, 2014

Time to Treat Henbit and Chickweed in Wheat Fields

Contact: Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist
Headquartered at Barton County Extension Center
Tel: (417) 682-3579

LAMAR, Mo. – Now is the time to treat for henbit and chickweed according to Jill Scheidt, an agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

“Herbicides are most effective when applied to weeds under two inches in height or diameter,” said Scheidt. “Winter annual weeds henbit and chickweed in wheat fields can cause up to 37 percent yield loss.”

Scheidt says to apply herbicides, like Harmony Extra, before these weeds flower because after flowering the seeds have already dropped.

“Harmony is recommended to control henbit and chickweed in wheat fields and is most effective when applied at temperatures of 60 degrees or more,” said Scheidt.

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Sponsors of this weekly field scouting report are University of Missouri Extension and Barton County Extension. To receive the report by telephone, contact the MU Extension Center in Barton County, (417) 682-3579.


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