Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Extension Hire to Serve as Farm Outreach Worker for Newton and Jasper Counties

Contact: David Burton, civic communication specialist
Headquartered in Greene County
Tel: (417) 881-8909

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Randy Garrett was recently hired by Lincoln University to serve as a Farm Outreach Worker for Newton and Jasper counties.  Here is a quick overview of Garrett’s responsibilities and contact information for the community.

Name/title: Randy Garrett

Headquartered in:  Mount Vernon, Missouri

Coverage area:  Newton and Jasper Counties.

Education Background: Bachelors in agriculture education and master’s in education administration.

Job Responsibilities:  To provide information and assistance to both rural and urban farmers and ranchers, with an emphasis on undeserved and socially disadvantage populations.

How does your work impact residents of Jasper and Newton counties?  “Our goal in ISFOP is to assist farmers in adopting sustainable farming practices, which include; lowering input costs to their enterprise, improve farming skills, increase yields, improve their record keeping systems, help them explore new farming practices if needed, help them find niche markets, and add value to their products, and help them write a farm or business plan and if needed, receive training and write grant proposals.
What are some goals you have for the coming year?  To assist new and beginning famers who are working toward a sustainable small farm system in southwest Missouri.  I would like to hold workshops that are of value to those in Newton and Jasper Counties and make them aware of other valuable workshops that are conducted by Lincoln Cooperative Extension or the University of Missouri,” said Garrett.

Is there a group you are targeting for your services?  Lincoln University Cooperative Extension specifically target’s beginning farmers, traditionally underserved, and those individuals that are considered socially disadvantaged as defined by the USDA.

Where are residents of southwest Missouri most likely to see you? “In my free time I like to be on my beef farm and spending time with my family,” said Garrett.

Contact Information:   
Randy Garrett,
11722 Lawrence 2130, Mount Vernon, Missouri, 65712.
Phone: 417-850-9391


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