Friday, April 04, 2014

Soil Temperature, Not Air Temperature Leads to Corn Germination

Contact: Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist
Headquartered at Barton County Extension Center
Tel: (417) 682-3579

LAMAR, Mo. – According to Real-Time Weather, current soil temperatures in the Lamar on Monday, March 31 were 51.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Corn seeds need the soil temperature to reach at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit to begin germination,” said Jill Scheidt, an agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension in Barton County.

Current soil temperatures in Lamar are updated every 5 minutes and can be found online at  

Scheidt scouted fields east of Lamar April 2. “No aphids were seen on the underside of leaves this week; if aphids are present you should be able to spot them this week, since temperatures will be above 60 degrees,” said Scheidt.

Bird cherry oat aphids, identified by a red ring near their rear, vector barley yellow dwarf virus which can  lead to stunting and sometimes severe yield loss in wheat. If bird cherry oat aphids reach threshold levels of 12-15 aphids/foot of row, an insecticide should be applied.

“Septoria is still being seen on the lower leaves, but is not moving up the plant, so should not be a problem at this stage in growth,” said Scheidt.

Septoria is identified on leaves as a yellow lesion that turns brown, black bumps, called picnidia, will be located in the middle of the lesion. Septoria and other foliage diseases are usually only a concern when the flag leaf is present in wheat.


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