Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saving Water for Residential Use

Here are a few indoor water conservation tips from Bob Schultheis, a natural resource engineering specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

To save indoor water use:
a.  Repair faucet and toilet leaks
b.  Install toilet dams on older units
c.  Avoid unnecessary toilet flushing
d.  Take short showers instead of baths (8-10 gallons vs. 30-50 gallons; limit teenagers to 5-minute showers)
e.  Use low-flow shower head (50% less water, with more velocity)
f.  Turn off shower when shampooing or soaping
g.  Run only full loads in dishwasher and clothes washer (20-50 gallons/cycle)
h.  Install faucet aerators (50% less water)
i.   Turn off faucet when shaving, brushing teeth, handwashing dishes
j.   Limit use of the hot tub/spa/Jacuzzi

More details can be found at:

Saving Water - Tips for Residential Use

Indoor Water Use in the United States

Questionable water can be made drinkable by following the procedures in


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