Monday, October 02, 2006

"You Be the Editor!" Results are in

Results from the online survey for the 2006 "You Be the Editor" program are now complete. Well, sort of. You can still take the survey online HERE. I've been told about a couple of college classes that are going to use this material so I suspect the number of survey takers will increase beyond the 50 who have taken it as of today.

Anyway, the results from the survey are posted online in .pdf format. Those result summaries can be found HERE. I've broken the summaries out for members of the media who took the survey, members of the public, and people who are "media connected." You can compare those groups to each other or to the total survey numbers.

In a few days I'll post a story summarizing these news numbers.

As more people take the survey I will update the result postings (probably after every 10 additional submissions).

In the meantime, thanks again to Tony Messenger at the Springfield News-Leader for posting the link to this survey on this blog.


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