Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Citizen journalism revisited

Andrew Cline, a journalism instructor at Missouri State University, posted a comment to this blog last week regarding a post about citizen journalism and some local examples. I asked if "citizen journalism" was similar to what weekly newspapers have done for years (readers handing in stories) and whether or not citizen journalists can do a better job.

Andrew Cline's post bears repeating here:

It's not a matter of a better job. It's a matter of a *different* job. Citizen journalism isn't and shouldn't be about replacing the mainstream media or doing a better job at the professional game. It is about recognizing that diverse discourse communities are not always well-served by a news media that addresses a general public. A better way to understand this movement: citizen journalism will come to be an effective adjunct to the professional product. Pros and citizens will work together.

What is your thought?


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