Friday, March 08, 2013

Profile of Lindsay Supplee: Reaching Jasper County with Nutrition Education

Contact: David Burton, civic communication specialist
Tel: (417) 881-8909

This profile of a nutrition educator with University of Missouri Extension's Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) is part of an on-going series designed to educate the public about the wide range of program expertise that exists through extension in southwest Missouri.

Name: Lindsay Supplee, nutrition program associate

Contact: At the Jasper County Courthouse, University Extension Center in Carthage, Mo., at (417) 358-2158 or by e-mail at:

Education: Bachelors of Science in biology, Master of Public Health degree (MPH).

Relevant past employment: Healthy Living Alliance, Mercy Hospital

Responsibilities: Nutrition education in the community at various school and community sites.

What attracted you to working with MU Extension? “I love working with different populations of people and impacting people’s lives,” said Lindsay Supplee, nutrition program associate.

What do you hope to accomplish by teaching nutrition education? “I want to empower people and help them to see that they have options when it comes to their health,” said Supplee.

Why do you think it is important to teach nutrition in school? “When kids learn the importance of physical activity and eating healthy, they can carry that with them throughout their lives,” said Supplee.


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