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No other Greene County Office ...

Contact: David Burton, civic communication specialist
County Program Director - Greene County
Tel: (417) 881-8909

University of Missouri Extension is governed at the local level by county extension councils. These local governing bodies are established in Missouri state law as a function of county government. (Revised Statutes of Missouri Sections 262:550 to 262:620: County Extension Programs)

Greene County Extension provides unique and important services to the residents of this county on behalf of the County Commission. In Greene County, Missouri, no other county office or department...
  • does soil samples.
  • offers a lawn and gardening hotline.
  • offers Master Gardener Training.
  • helps local greenhouses and produce growers become more profitable and sustainable.
  • provides community education which increases the sale of plants and lawn and garden supplies.
  • offers a 4-H program for youth.
  • helps county youth become community leaders.
  • offers a Master Naturalists program for people who love the outdoors.
  • offers leadership training.
  • conducts community planning and visioning for Missouri communities.
  • offers community programs on business writing and news writing.
  • offers nutrition education to so many different audiences including students and low-income families.
  • provides education and training for local food producers.
  • provides leadership in helping develop local food systems to make better use of local resources.
  • is engaged in collecting the oral histories of former one-room school students and teachers.
  • has a publicly elected governing council that oversees its programs and finances.
  • provides meeting facilitation and moderator services.
  • raises over 80 percent of its operations budget privately.
  • helped start four small businesses in the county during 2013.
  • helped save 1158 jobs and helped create 81 jobs in the county.
  • provides on-the-farm education to help farmers be more profitable.
  • is the preferred provider for agriculture education in the community (with long-standing events like the Soils & Crops Conference, private pesticide applicator training, and Century Farms)
  • educates the public with guide sheets, publications and newsletters dealing with health and family issues but also topics important to the county, like musk thistle
  • takes calls from citizens and answers the questions that other county departments can not.
Check out Greene County Extension online at

For even more examples, the Greene County Extension Council’s 2013 Annual Report can be purchased online at or at


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