Friday, June 06, 2014

Quality Hay Producers Have Until July 10 to Submit Entries for Hay Show

Contact: Eldon Cole, livestock specialist
Headquartered in Lawrence County
Tel: (417) 466-3102

MT. VERNON, Mo. -- Entries are being accepted from now until July 10 for the Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show.

The hay show gives farmers a great opportunity to enter their 2014 hay and have it tested and subjectively evaluated for quality.

The show was first held in 1985 and has proven to be effective in teaching growers and buyers of hay the benefits of forage analysis.

“Exhibitors also find the hay show to be an excellent way to advertise their quality hay,” said Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

The process for entering hay requires contacting the nearest University of Missouri Extension Center. The extension specialist visits the farm and uses the hay probe to collect the sample from either 10 small, rectangular bales or 5 large hay packages.

The sampling must be done by July 11. The sample will be analyzed for moisture, protein, fiber, energy (total digestible nutrients) and relative feed value. The lab work is done at Custom Lab, Golden City.

The top testing entries are eligible to be displayed and evaluated for subjective qualities such as, aroma, color, purity, and condition at the Ozark Empire Fair on July 24.

“Every year weather interferes with timely hay making sometimes it is too wet, sometimes it’s too dry, but somewhere in southwest Missouri someone has harvested outstanding hay in 2014 and deserves to be recognized for it,” said Cole.

The entry fee for the complete evaluation is $20. If a farmer chooses to also enter the Missouri State Fair, an additional $5 fee is charged.

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