Friday, February 07, 2014

Volunteer needed to help with History of Greene County Extension

Contact: David Burton, county program director
(417) 881-8909 or email

Need: Greene County Extension is looking for a volunteer that can research and write a narrative about the history of Greene County Extension and develop display materials for our 100th Anniversary this Spring. The written research could be used as early as Feb. 24 while the display is needed in May of 2014.

Description: Research the history of Greene County Extension and create a narrative/display for our 100th anniversary. Notes of the council history from 1935 to 1960 are complete. Council minutes from 1960 to present provide more historical narrative and need to be reviewed for historically important events, programs and people. From this research, write a narrative (from the existing notes and the new notes) that can be published and presented online. Limited photos exist but from that and other documents a table top display could be planned. Researcher would be given full credit for their work.

How to complete: Project could be completed off site after council minutes are copied. 

Skills put to use: Research, writing and planning. Research portion of this would require attention to detail. Display would require some planning and experience with creating a table top display would be nice. Estimated total time: 40 to 80 hours.

Who: This project is perfect for a community volunteer of any age who has research skills and the computer equipment and experience to create a final product that can be expanded upon and edited in the future.

Additional resources are available on our website.


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