Tuesday, June 07, 2016

June 10 Pasture Walk at Turners Heifer Haven Near Hartville

Contact: Ted Probert, dairy specialist
Headquartered in Wright County
Tel: (417) 547-7545
E-mail: probertt@missouri.edu

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. –  The June meeting of South-Central Dairy Grazers wil begin with a pasture walk at 11 a.m. on June 10 at Denis and Lynn Turner’s farm west of Hartville.  

“Denis had just established several acres of Estancia novel endophyte fescue when we last visited the farm in October of 2015,” said Dr. Ted Probert, dairy specialist with University of Missouri Extension. “These seedlings are up and going, and we will have an opportunity to see how they are faring through the early part of the grazing season.”

A chronic problem on many pasture-based dairies is lane maintenance.  The Turners have made several lane renovations that will be discussed during the tour.

Traditionally the Turners have harvested all forage growth through grazing.  The last couple of years the strategy has changed and now several fields are harvested either as baleage or dry hay during the spring growth flush.

“I think you will find the results of this practice interesting regarding the quality feed stored through baling, the increase in feed harvested and the condition of pastures following harvest of excess growth,” said Probert.

Directions to the Turner’s Farm: Take Hwy 38 west of Hartville about 10 miles. Tour begins at the Turners Special Supply warehouse on the south side of the road.   

Call the Wright County Extension Center at (417) 547-7545 for more information.



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